With so many ways to Node, bitHound has your team's back

With the accelerated pace of JavaScript frameworks, bitHound offers an agreeable platform that your team can rely on to uncover issues in the code as well as the npm dependencies required.

Simple setup using your existing standards

Getting your project started with bitHound is simple! There's little to no configuration required to start using bitHound. Better yet, we use your predefined standards or will provide a default for you!

Fits in to your existing workflow

With Pull Request and CI integration, bitHound integrates with your existing tools to work how you work. No need to learn or configure a new system.

Slack and HipChat integration

Stay notified when new priorities are detected in your project. From newly discovered insecure npm packages, to files that have taken a hit on quality – you'll know as soon as bitHound knows.

See your hacks and todos in one place

It's good practice to add HACK and TODO comments directly in your code. But how often do you revisit them? Get an overview of all of these developer-identified issues and never let one fall through the cracks again.

1-Click Updates to Dependencies

bitHound identifies outdated, insecure or deprecated npm packages, and let's you create a pull request to update that package with a single click!

Prioritized and comprehensive insights

Get the whole picture without being overwhelmed. Rather than bombarding you with a dump of issues and problems, bitHound prioritizes issues in your code and dependencies so your team knows what to rally around first.

See how quick and easy it is to get started with bitHound

JavaScript, TypeScript and JSX support

Deep insights for your npm packages, bower components, JavaScript files, TypeScript files and JSX files in your Git repositories hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket. Lint support for ESLint (^1.0.0), JavaScript Standard Style, JavaScript Semi-Standard Style and JSHint.

Start today and build a unified Node.js team

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