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bitHound is tackling a huge problem for us developers. We all use many dependencies (NPM, bower, etc.) in our code. bitHound lets me know instantly if my dependencies are up to date, secure, and meet my standards! Not to mention highlighting all of the areas in my code that need attention. Coding without bitHound is similar to having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.

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Brian Leroux

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Rey Bango

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Tim Pettersen

Senior Developer Advocate


Open source projects now $NaN.
That's zero. Zilch. Nada.

That's right. Analyze open source projects on bitHound for free.
It's the full power of bitHound for a community we love!

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Hundreds of insecure dependencies are installed every second.

Do you know if your third party dependencies are putting your software project at risk? bitHound gives you insight into the insecure, deprecated, outdated and unused packages impacting your software.

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Code Issues

One team, many projects, thousands of commits.

We analyze your code to help your team determine where focus is needed. Understand the mechanical issues impacting your codebase, reduce complexity and clutter, and gain insights that go beyond the command line with bitHound.

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Manage technical debt

Taking Action

Whether it's formal issue management or the team's pending tech debt, it's important to get on top of these issues. bitHound offers an improved understanding of how the team is performing together and whether or not items are being left behind.

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And More…

Get back to doing what it is you do best

With faster deployment cycles, a hundred competing priorities and tight deadlines to juggle– your team has a lot on their plate. Uncover and focus on the critical issues impacting your team, avoid software pitfalls and ship with confidence.

JavaScript moves fast, so should you.

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