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remarkable software

Code quality, maintainability, and stability for all of your public and private project repositories.

GitHub hosted Javascript Repositories

Analyze your JavaScript repositories hosted on GitHub

Don't Just Write Code – Build Great, Maintainable Software

Anyone can write code but it takes craftsmanship and discipline to build a resilient and remarkable project. bitHound analyzes your code and provides you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations so you can focus on building the best software possible.

Make your code quality goals easier to measure and achieve

Commit History Graph

Learn from your past, achieve your potential

View how your software project has evolved over time and where it could be headed.

Code Issues

Issues at a Glance

Was Lint added, removed, or ignored in a commit? Each scenario affects your project's health in different ways. bitHound gives you insights into this activity at each commit.

Priority Files

Target your priority files

bitHound will point you to the files that need the most attention so you know where to assign your resources first.


Stay on top of your dependencies

bitHound will detect your project dependencies, both NPM and Bower, and give you a heads up if any are out of date.


Keep track of multiple projects

Quickly scan your GitHub-hosted projects and their current health status. Haven't analyzed a project yet? Simply kick off analysis with a click!

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