Build resilient,
remarkable software

Code quality, maintainability, and stability for all of your public and private project repositories.

JavaScript, TypeScript and JSX support

Comprehensive analysis of your JavaScript, TypeScript and JSX in your Git repositories hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket.

bitHound is tackling a huge problem for us developers. We all use many dependencies (NPM, bower, etc.) in our code. bitHound lets me know instantly if my dependencies are up to date, secure, and meet my standards! Not to mention highlighting all of the areas in my code that need attention. Coding without bitHound is similar to having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.

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Brian Leroux

Principal Product Manager


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Rey Bango

Principal Software Engineer


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Tim Pettersen

Senior Developer Advocate


Open source projects now $NaN.
That's zero. Zilch. Nada.

That's right. Analyze open source projects on bitHound for free.
It's the full power of bitHound for a community we love!

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Make your code quality goals
easier to measure and achieve

Quality, Maintainability, Stability

Your software project from every angle

Code quality is critical to the health of a project, but it is only a single dimension of what makes software remarkable. bitHound provides insight into your project's maintainability and stability so you can understand the full picture across all your repository's branches.

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Understand your dependencies

You rely on third-party software, but how much do you really know about them? bitHound not only allows you to analyze your npm and Bower dependencies, but will also highlight npm packages with security vulnerabilities.

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Code Issues

Gain insights into what's impacting your codebase

There's more to code analysis than lint. That's why bitHound also provides you with insights such as identifying bug prone files and files with high churn. These all affect your project's health in different ways.

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And More…

Don't Just Write Code – Build Great, Maintainable Software

Anyone can write code but it takes craftsmanship and discipline to build a resilient and remarkable project. bitHound analyzes your code and provides you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations so you can focus on building the best software possible.

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