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Code Health

Discover, monitor and address the complexity, maintainability and fragility of your software. All in real time.


Writing code is easy; writing maintainable code is very difficult. bitHound analyzes each commit and creates a maintainability score to help answer some important questions.

  • How fast can a new feature be developed?
  • Are you missing out on code reuse?
  • How is code churn affecting your quality?


Code should be self documenting or well documented. You shouldn't need to read a manual on your own code. bitHound learns what readability means to you. We are opinionated, but we don't judge.


Your code can be both maintainable and readable, it might still be prone to failure. bitHound reports on blocks of code that appear weaker than others. It generates dynamic heat maps on your entire repository to tell you where caution should be used.


Deep dive into your software's evolution going back to the first line of code ever written.

Commit-level Impact

Discover the moment and extent to which a commit affects Code Health. bitHound knows when your software has gotten better or worse and helps you take the next steps.

Correct Focus

Through bitHound's intense relational models, you will have both the proof and the confidence that what you and your team are working on is the right focus, right now. Turn intuition into fact.

Your Sixth Sense

Unique predictive analysis. Don't be surprised by your software anymore.


bitHound knows when something has happened, good or bad, and immediately notifies the people who need to know. Forget staring at graphs and deciphering patterns.

Self Learning

No training needed. bitHound watches all activity on your projects and automatically learns what is important to you, and what isn't.


bitHound discovers bugs before anyone else. Through pattern analysis on your software's history, bitHound predicts where bugs are likely to be before they've actually been found. Find mistakes before they become problems.